Talking to teachers

We spoke to a group of teachers from the Far North
schools and gave them information brochures and seeds

take back to their schools

Saturday Morning Market

We went to the local Kaitaia market on Saturday mornings.

These ladies are discussing the brochures and the seeds

that we had just given them.

Classroom Visits

We wanted to share the information about bees with the junior class children from our school and other schools in our area.

We designed and made a hexagonal shaped box for each child.

We put some seeds, some stickers, a maze and also gave them a brochure about our group and what we are doing

We have given our boxes to the children at Oturu School, Paparore School and Papatawa School.

The junior children said...

I planted mine in the garden when I got straight home after the presentation. I planted all of them. They are starting to grow. I planted them by myself. I look after them by myself.  Star

I planted mine by my vegie and herb garden. I can see little flowers on them. I planted them straight into the garden after the presentation. My parents help me look after the plants.   Hoana

I planted mine with my Mum in the garden. I can see little flowers growing. I water them every day. I planted them straight away like Star and Hoana. My parents help me look after the plants.  Cyrus